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"I have been using essential oils for years. Real Frankincense has the best Frankincense oil I have ever tried. You can smell and feel the difference. I have added it to my collection with my Young Living and Doterra oils."

Kaylyn E.

"Best Oil Ever! I use it every day from my skin care, to adding it to my water, I even use it as the additive to my natural cleaners!"

Elaine P.

"Great Product. Great quality and so much cheaper than the other guys!"

Greg G.

"Great Mission! This company is legit and is working to rebuild and reestablish ethical sustainable Trade in the Horn of Africa"

Austin S.

'It smells so good! I diffuse this oil in my house all day long!"

Sidney K.

Real Frankincense

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How We Give Back

Demand more from your products. International trade, corruption and greed have destroyed the ancient sacred land where Frankincense comes from. Check out how we at Real Frankincense are giving back, repairing the land and putting the local Somliland People FIRST.

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