How to use Frankincense In Your Skin Care Regime


Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in a variety of ways. No matter how you are using frankincense whether for your skin, meditation or wellness rest assured that it will always promote calmness, serenity and relaxation.

Now our favorite use for Frankincense is to add it to your daily skin care regime. The oil has miraculous benefits with tightening the skin, improving wrinkles and rebalancing skin tone through cell regeneration.  

Plus, Real Frankincense essential oil is great for nearly everything related to skin, i.e. it is great for burns, rashes, cuts, scrapes, and environmentally challenged skin. 

Here are some simple ways to incorporate frankincense into your daily life. 

  • Use as a night (or day) cream: just add a few drops to the base of your choice. If you are making your own creams or oils, frankincense is highly recommended. How much frankincense you ask? Well percentages will vary but a reasonable rule is about 6 drops per oz. It really depends on you and your skin, so feel free to experiment. 
  • Add frankincense to your Soaps, shampoos, conditioners (things that you wash off). This addition can be stronger in general than products you leave on your skin, so more than 6 drops per oz can be appropriate.
  • Frankincense oil can be added to pure water and used as a toner or refresher. Remember the oil will float on top, so always shake your custom DIY products to blend the ingredients before use.
  • Use Frankincense in the shower, put a few drops on your washcloth and rub all over your body. The steam from the hot water will create a relaxing aromatherapy session. 
  • In the bath, add frankincense with a carrier oil to your bath. We recommend always using a carrier oil in the bath as you never know how your skin's pores will respond to the heat and direct interaction for an extended period of time with the essential oil.
  • As a facial steam, Frankincense is a great way to do a DIY spa remedy. Take a pot of boiling water, add a drop or two (no more) of the frankincense oil to it. Lean over it and cover your head with a towel, breathing deeply. Your face and lungs will thank you. 

If you have a favorite way to use Frankincense that isn't mentioned here, please share it in the comments below! We are always interested in learning new and unique ways to use this incredible sacred essential oil.