Two Easy Chemical-Free Family Safe DIY Household Cleaners

Now more than ever providing your family with a chemical-free home is vital. Gone are the days where we bleach everything and risk the toxic fumes and chemicals harming our loved ones. 

You have choices when it comes to cleaning and we have developed some simple yet highly effective household cleaners for you to try at home! The best part is they are cheaper than what you would purchase at the store! 

Cleaning Spray

1 part water

.5 part vinegar 

essential oils:

10 drops Real Frankincense

10 drops Holy Basil

5 drops Tea Tree

Put all in a spray bottle, and give a good shake before spraying. You can use this on all surfaces except wood.  

Cleaning Scrub

Blend baking soda, vinegar and Real Frankincense together for an all-surface scrub.  

The baking soda and vinegar react to break through grease and the Frankincense adds the anti-bacterial and disinfecting properties needed to ensure a deep clean. 

That's it two simple, easy to make all-natural household cleaners that you can blend immediately with ingredients you all ready have around your home. 

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