Where Does Real Frankincense Come From?

Did you know that Frankincense is only naturally found in a few parts of the world? The Horn of Africa, Oman and Egypt are historically the only areas where the Boswellia Carterii (source of Frankincense) tree naturally grows in the dry and desert like conditions. 

The Boswellia Carterii trees are scarce in the climate and can take years to mature. They are treated as sacred among the local tribes due to their special nature. 

This is one of the reason frankincense has played such a celebrity like story in ancient royalty, spirituality and for thousands of years was a sign of wealth and status. It is a true rarity that holds incredible benefits. 

How To Make Frankincense?

You start by extracting frankincense from the tree by cutting deep grooves into the bark. When the bark is cut it seeps out resin that hardens into tears (the resin looks like tears when it is coming out, hence the name). The Tears are then carefully handled and steam-distilled to extract the sacred frankincense oil. 

Now it is important to note that there is a sustainable way to cut the trees that is considered ethical and gentle. This is a practice that local tribes have been using for thousands of years, yet that is rarely continued to this day. Which is a shame as the trees may not recover after being extracted. At Real Frankincense we use will always only use this sustainable harvesting practice as we want real true pure frankincense to be around for another 10,000 years. 

Sadly, the popularity of frankincense over the past decade has driven many companies trying to make a quick dollar support unsustainable harvesting practices. These practices can leave the trees in ruin and they die. Moreover, many frankincense resins are not 100% pure or chemicals are used in the harvesting process to extract more or in the distillation process. This delivers a bastardized product that can be harmful for the end user (you) and most guarantees people won’t experience the true incredible benefits that Real Frankincense delivers. 

In our experience when you aren’t on the ground in these foreign countries overseeing the practices you can’t guarantee the ethics or sustainability of anything. That is what we at Real Frankincense are pursuing to change. We are one of the few on the ground in the Horn of Africa. Handling the entire harvesting process ensuring your product is of the highest quality and transparency. 

Demand more from your products and brands. shop sustainable and ethical.