About Us


Real Frankincense was created with deep sustainable roots on the Horn of Africa.Our mission is create and establish sustainable ethical Frankincense wild-harvesting the resin in the ancient practice established thousands of years ago. Through this process we ensure we tap the sacred resin from the trees in a sustainable and respectable manner. Our mission and journey is long but we guarantee it is worth the read...



Boswellia Carterii (the source of Frankincense) is in grave dangger! We have experience first hand the negligence of the International Community, in terms of trade, aid and development, on the Horn of Africa. Combing that with with the unscrupulous frankincense traders and western corporations over exploitation of the harvesters and landowners, this has led to jeopardizing the Boswallia Carterii trees very survival through over harvesting and drought. Robbie hearing from local elders who have managed the land for generations knew something had to be done to protect their land, traditions and future


How you may ask? How do we access untouched Boswellia Carterii trees and employ ancient techniques to ethically and sustainable harvest the resin?

Our co-founder Robbie has deep family roots in Somaliland and has created a one of a kind strategic partnership exclusively with FAAFCO (Frankincense Agriculture and Fisheries Corporation) and Boqor Burhan Boqor Muse, 34th King of the Darood Kingdom, along with the Warsangeli Sultanate. With this partnership our Frankincense resins comes direct from the source of the Bari Region of Puntland, to the Mountains of the Cal Madow in Somaliland. 

Real Frankincense works closely with universities across the globe, to provide full trace-ability for everything we do, from harvesting the tree on the Horn of Africa, to the processing of resins, through hydro-distillation in the United Kingdom and bottling in the USA.  We are also collaborating on various research projects, regarding the sustainability of the frankincense and myrrh trees on the Horn of Africa.

At Real Frankincense we are committed to providing the purest unadulterated oils possible, with full transparency and independent analysis.  We are confident that our essential oils are as close as you get to the true essence of the tree.  We are currently working with various partners, to unlock the various medicinal and therapeutic properties and develop a high quality range of products, with Mother Nature's ancient gift to humanity at its heart.

Ultimately you will be responsible for our success, so please enjoy our one of a kind Frankincense Oil and Beauty products and lets Inspire Wellness and Healing around the world.