Our Chemical Free Process

Our Real Frankincense Oil is produced by the Distillation of the tears of frankincense resin. The term distillation is defined as

The action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling.


The extraction of the essential part or most important aspects of something.

This means that no chemicals are used when we distill our oil, leaving the oil in its all-natural sustainable state. Here is a "simple" explanation of where your Real Frankincense Oil comes from:

Water is heated to provide steam which then passes through another tank filled with frankincense Resin. This causes some of the components of the resin to vaporize. The steam passes through a condenser where it is cooled down to produce liquid form the steam. Because the oil and the hydrosol (a beneficial water by product) have different density the oil produced will float to the top of the collected liquid and the water or hydrosol can be taken away and used separately from the Essential Oil.

Real Frankincense Chemical Free Distillation Process

Real Frankincense. From Resin to Oil. Tree to Bottle.