Real Frankincense Press Kit

Real Frankincense is the first fully transparent Sacred Frankincense Oil on the market. Ethically source and harvested in sustainable way. Real Frankincense is produced chemically-free delivering the highest quality oil available. 

News Items

  • 100% Sustainable
  • Giving back to local communities in Somaliland (Somalia and Puntland on the Horn of Africa)
  • Sourced Ethically w/ paying locals high wages
  • Harvested from wild growing Boswellia Carterii trees in the ancient way (deep slits that won't harm the tree)
  • Bottled in the USA - Made in the USA
  • Frankincense improves skin radiance and heals skin cells
  • Frankincense promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Frankincense is a natural way to treat stress and anxiety
  • Frankincense is anti-bacterial and anti-viral
  • Frankincense is one of the oldest oils recorded in history

Uses For Real Frankincense

  • Add Real Frankincense Oil to daily moisturizer, foundation or make up. It is fantastic for skin complexion and wrinkels
  • Spot treat for acne and scars. 
  • Diffuse Real Frankincense day/night to treat anxiety and to fight bacteria in the home

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Real Frankincense Ethical. Sustainable. From Forest To Bottle